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Vertical Mixers

Creative engineering combined with quality components and construction, means Kirby Manufacturing Inc. is the only choice when it comes to purchasing a heavy duty Vertical Feed Mixer.

Horizontal Mixers

Built to last, heavy-duty Horizontal Mixers from Kirby Manufacturing Inc. deliver creatively engineered equipment expertly constructed with quality components. Kirby Horizontal Mixers– the only choice when you need a heavy-duty mixer feeder.

Manure Spreaders

Manure Spreaders from Kirby Manufacturing Inc. deliver the quality construction and creative engineering needed for your next manure spreader. Count on Kirby for the best!

1-Ton Bale Processors

Simple to use, durable and easily maintained, Kirby’s 1-Ton Bale Processor is the most efficient feeding machine on the market. Easily operated by one person, count on turning bales of hay into palatable feed in half the normal time.


Kirby Feed Wagons increase production while reducing feed loss, labor and maintenance. Wagons easily handles silage, haylage, grain and alfalfa cubes, or can be used as blenders to mix these ingredients.

Scale Systems

To ensure the best and the latest technology, Kirby carries a complete line of quality scale systems. Check here for complete details on Avery Weigh-Tronix, Digi-Star, GSE, and Valley Ag Software.


The Aqua Cow is a natural way to get a downed cow back upon it's legs using warm water to float it without using any kind of clamps, belts or chains, which often only hurt the cow while it works against you.


The history of DuraTech Industries (Haybuster) reflects innovation and quality, by listening to our customers wants and needs...our future growth goals are based on these same standards to insure both product and service excellence worldwide.


in our customers words
- Matt Strickland, Manager Double Creek Ranch

JVJ Dairies purchased it’s fourth Kirby LPI200 vertical mixer truck in October of 2009 for the Double Creek Ranch. We have been very pleased with the way our Kirby equipment has performed and the service we have received on that equipment. This made the purchase another Kirby an easy decision.


Double Creek Ranch feeds 1,600 milking cows two times a day and feeds a total of 13 loads per day. This mixer has produced a consistently even TMR for our cows. The TMR looks the same from beginning of the load all the way to the end. We are also very impressed by the volume of feed the mixer is able to hold. We are able to to mix all the feed we need in 13 loads where before it took 15.


This feed truck is equipped with the IQAN Intelamix system. This system has allowed our feeder to better maintain this equipment and also easily operate the feeding system. With everything consolidated to one screen, it has made it a user friendly system.

- Peder Hoy, Owner Peder Hoy Dairy Inc.


We have used Kirby equipment for the past 32 years and have always had a great appreciation for their dependability and service. The friendly and knowledgeable sales and service staff have always exceeded our expectations. We are impressed with Kirbys quality and workmanship. Our new 1020 horizontal mixer provides the most mix available. They are as proud to produce their equipment as we are about producing our MILK!